The solution

How Tinderblogs fuels your stalled social media campaign without increasing your overheads.

Tinderblogs works
Tinderblogs works by applying journalistic discipline through VoIP technology. In other words we interview people about the things they care about. The passion that flows out of them is the raw material we harvest. Then it’s down to a professional copywriter and broadcast technician to craft it all into powerful, persuasive content. That’s all bundled up in sets of news blogs, pod and video-casts then delivered to our clients ready for them to upload as part of their rolling SMO campaign.

Old news is bad news          
These days even chip shops know better than to wrap their product in old newspaper. Yet many on-line brands are still wrapped up in the stale old blogs of failed SMO campaigns. Why do they let their digital content stagnate when they know the first rule of marketing is: ‘keep your customers engaged’? The answer is simple: their time is spent where their talents lie. Running their business. Not a rolling news and entertainment show.

If you hate blogging
We reckon there’s more to life than updating news blogs week in week out. Having a life has got to be better than blogging a life. We also recognise that when chatting about what fires us up - words will spill out of us. Yet when forced to communicate our enthusiasm through a keyboard - words can fail us. That’s why the web is populated with so many stagnant on-line campaigns. Organisations are built by sales whizzes, finance gurus and techno geeks not dippy blog poets.

You'll love Tinderblogging
People love Tinderblogs because we make communication easy and natural. We take a water-cooler approach to blogging. Drop by for a chat and leave refreshed.