The challenge

How stalled corporate news blogs corrupt your marketing campaign and corrode your brand.

In recent years most forward thinking businesses have raised their social media optimisation (SMO) profile and with good reason; it's the most cost-effective, targeted marketing campaign around.

But there's a pitfall.

Many blogs and news pages, set up in a rush of enthusiasm, gradually stagnate. Obsolete content doesn't die quietly: it starts actively working against you. Search engines pass by, visitor numbers dwindle and your market relevance is lost. The polarity of your SMO campaign effectively 'flips' as good marketing turns bad.

Until now the only fix lay with three stark choices: defy business logic and scrap your SMO campaign, increase overheads by setting up an in-house marketing department or bite the bullet and invite an agency to step in and take control.

The Tinderblogs kick-start
Now there's another solution and it's called Tinderblogs. Our brilliant low-cost service works with you to transform your stalled social media campaign into the dynamic content stream it was always meant to be. It's easy, powerful and best of all it releases you back into what you do best - running your business while we power-up your news blogs. Crucially, your customers stay tuned-in and turned-on.

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