The experience

Throw away your pen, unplug your word processor, grab a coffee and put your feet up. It's called Tinderblogging.

"I love chatting about what I do – but ask me to write about it
and I’m lost for words.Tinderblogs sorts that." ...Adam

How it works
We get to know you, your team and your organisation and learn about your product, cause or service. We then take an hour or so interviewing one of your team about what’s happening in your world. From that we create a bundle of blogs, pod and video-casts. That means you don’t have to worry about content for the next twelve weeks of blogging. It’s all sorted.

“We ran an intensive SMO campaign prior to our product launch.
All the video-casts and blogs were in place weeks
before-hand thanks to Tinderblogs." ...Caitlin

Where it works
We come to you wherever you are. Your office, home, hotel, out in the field or anywhere else you have access to a broadband connection or phone line. An interesting location always adds impact as long as it’s quiet. Opting for our HQ bundle gives you a professional film unit and means you can choose any location you like.

“I just rolled out of my Q1 board meeting straight into my
Tinderblogs hit and nailed next quarter's SMO
campaign in under an hour!" ...Bethan

Why it works
Tinderblogs gives people their voice back. Mankind’s most effective communication tool, conversation, is harnessed. People are released back into spending their time and talent where they excel most.

“That was easy!" ...Kate