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Good people with good ideas

Adam Leach
Guest Tinderblogger

"Good people with good ideas"

"There’s been a lot of change in the social development sector in the last ten to fifteen years. Both here in the U.K. and internationally. As economic recession hit large parts of the western world confusion has arisen about where responsibility lies for helping communities, and even a questioning of what capacity there is to help ordinary people cope.

There’s a temptation to think that a magic solution can be offered by one organisation or sector which can step in and solve all the problems. Lately there’s been a lot of talk about the private sector fixing things. Somehow people who’ve been preoccupied with profitability and making organisations efficient are believed to know how to make societies function better. My experience is that people in the private sector who are connected with the charitable sector are good people with good ideas. But beyond that there’s a need to recognise that different people bring different strengths, talents and perspectives of equal worth and value.

Real, lasting progress – economic, social and moral – depends on people working together. When there’s recognition and respect for plurality, then the professional urge to take control can take a back seat. Perhaps we could then have more social development organisations with visions that see beyond the economic viability of their initiatives."

Adam Leach recently returned from The Democratic Republic of Congo with Oxfam and has held key positions with: Oxfam, Action for Children, Action Aid, IBLF

Adam Leach on Linked-In

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