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We believe every organisation needs to make its voice heard and by co-producing your blogs we make sure the world sits up and listens to yours. Tinderblogs frees you from the relentless task of writing fresh, focused posts week in week out. Investing a few minutes with us will save you the hours it takes to perpetually fuel your on-line campaign. It’s simple, effective and you can see it working for our guest bloggers below.

The cloak of invisibility

Writing a book or blog is easy,
 when you know how… or who.

Judith Forster
Guest Tinderblogger

Judith Forster throws off the cloak of invisibility
to reveal her ghost-writing secrets.

The key thing for me is that I don’t try to be the author of the piece. I don’t want to be! It is their name and face that will generate sales, not mine, so it is my job to stay invisible. What I do initially is identify their ideas and then sometimes radically change the organisation of the material into different chapters.

Sometimes I’ll be writing from a series of talks. A lot like Tinderblogging in fact. I’ll be listening carefully to hear the personality and the character of the speaker, which makes it easier for me to write authentically.

When I receive a manuscript from an author or agent I’ll be taking note of the colloquialisms, turns of phrase and humour. These help me as I reshape the text, enhancing what they say and empowering their words with a wider vocabulary. It won’t sound like me writing but neither will it be me trying to ape the author. That’s a lot to do with skill in language. So I may use generic terms and avoid making it too personalised in the way the words are spoken onto the page.

I don't want the voice to sound like mine with my turns of phrase, but I do want the grammar to be correct, the language to flow, the style to be warm and easy to read and ultimately, for the author to be successful.

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