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We believe every organisation needs to make its voice heard and by co-producing your blogs we make sure the world sits up and listens to yours. Tinderblogs frees you from the relentless task of writing fresh, focused posts week in week out. Investing a few minutes with us will save you the hours it takes to perpetually fuel your on-line campaign. It’s simple, effective and you can see it working for our guest bloggers below.

Write here, write now

Ben Hodgson

Write here, write now

I wonder where you choose to write your blogs. My guess? Probably sitting behind a desk staring at a PC hoping the cursor’s going to wink at you and give you an inspirational idea for this week’s blog. For many people the whole process is a relentless, boring chore. Like being thrown in a cell and forced to write something positive when not a naturally gifted writer. It’s a recurring nightmare – lived out.

I wrote this blog out in the countryside while walking the dog. I just spoke the outline into my mobile as I relaxed out in the open air, free from the confines of my office. It’s a great basis for blog writing because it’s such an easy and natural way to communicate with people. Humans have been talking to each other for hundreds of thousands of years, so we’re good at it. Writing to each other is only a recent communication tool and it takes craftsmanship and a little talent to make it work effectively. So although I can write to people if I have to, I prefer to just call them up or stop for a chat in passing. It’s a much more relational way to communicate and it is just so effortless.

That is the essence of the Tinderbogs principle. It’s a new, conversational way to write your blogs. It works very simply. We connect with you, or others in your organisation and then craft your spoken words into powerful written words. SEO enriched copy content.  At Tinderblogs we harvest the conversations we share. Establishing a professional journalistic relationship with our clients which allows them to communicate their ideas through a relaxed interview process. From that derives the raw material which, once crafted by a professional writer, becomes truly dynamic copy. It’s this which drives your blogs and news pages in an enriched flow of heart driven content.

Your SMO campaign is fuelled up and ready to go and your customers, followers and fans are turned on and tuned in for keeps.

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