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Joyful food for thought

Joyful food for thought

Guest Tinderblogger
Jane Van Renen

We love being part of a good celebration, whatever the reason. When people gather together to celebrate life, great food will help the event sparkle.

We started small. My business partner Jacqui and I had our first venture into catering with a three-course meal for nine couples who had enrolled on a marriage enrichment course some years ago.  At the time, it seemed a lot but we quickly progressed to groups of forty or more on a weekly basis. At the end of one of the courses, we realised how much we both enjoyed the process of creating menus that made a real difference to an evening. Our food actually seemed to enhance the couple's experience of the course, making it feel like they were on a dinner date, even though there were at least eight other couples in the room! We knew we were onto something.

Jacqui and I wanted to take it further at that point and decided to go professional, eventually setting up “JoyfulFood” a name that reflects our vision and ethos. Of course, it helps that we don’t just love to cook great food we love to eat it too! We source our main ingredients from local suppliers and we are always on the look out for new ideas and innovations.

Weddings are a large part of our business, but not the only part by any means. We cater for parties, funerals and corporate events, assemble picnic baskets for Henley festival, music festivals and we unobtrusively prepare and serve intimate dinners for two.

We offer a unique service to our clients because we do not do set menus. Our food is tailor made to suit the client and the event, not the other way around. We like to meet people face to face, get to know their likes and dislikes, cook them samples of food we think they would choose and let them make their decisions from there. We offer advice and help if it’s needed, and when everything is decided, we use our skills and passion to create food that ultimately is there to bring people joy.

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